Shipping Information & Tips

Shipping your watch to us is easy and secure when you follow these steps:


  • Wrap the watch in tissue paper or paper towel, place it in a plastic baggie and roll up tight.

  • Fill a small box 80% with packing material like bubble wrap, foam peanuts, packing paper, etc.

  • Place wrapped watch inside the box, and fill remaining 20% with packing material. Place an envelope or postcard with your contact info on top or inside baggie with the watch.

  • Gently shake the box, you should not hear or feel any movement inside. If the watch is moving around inside, add more packing material.

  • Seal the box with packing tape on all seams and edges.


  • Bring the sealed package to your carrier of choice or print your label at home. We ship with FedEx but any major carrier is acceptable.

  • Do not include any words on the address, label or exterior of the box that would identify the contents as valuable. Avoid words like “Watch” “Rolex” “Watch repair” etc.

  • Always apply an appropriate amount of insurance to your shipment. It is extremely rare to lose an item in shipping, but it is always best to be diligent.

Is packing & shipping too much of a hassle?

Buy our EZ Prepaid shipping package for the simplest & easiest service option available.

We will send a box filled with packing material & a pre-paid, insured label. You just place your watch inside, attach the included label and ship!